Is an art consulting tool.


Our consulting services are divided in acts, the following explain how we work and what we can do for you.


Act. is a consulting service that connects various gaps of the art world on a global scale. We are involved with players worldwide. In addition to advising collectors, managing and cataloging artworks, we also work with artists, art trusts, galleries and independent non-profit organisations, contributing to various curatorial initiatives or creating special projects.

collecting cataloging

The first Act. is advising public or individual collectors – enthusiasts or established – in collecting, managing and cataloging their art. We act on every step from advice on acquisition through transport, installation and display, storage and insurance.


The second Act. is assisting people and brands in creating art projects, raising awareness and creating momentum for brands. As art connoisseurs, we will combine and converge the brand ethos and identity with the project approach, delivering exciting, energetic and innovative contents unlike any branding agency.

curating constructing

The third Act. is working together with institutions for curating/constructing ideas and shows, while also supporting artists. This includes services such as assistance to institutions in the development of their annual funding strategy, curating exhibitions, handling the executive production and more.

connecting contributing converging

The fourth Act. is a conclusion, our entire mission. It is about connecting art and people, contributing to build strong communities that will converge into a new perception of art.